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Project FG-2000 (Final Goal)
A Church for every person and the Gospel for every person; together we can change the world. Matt 28:18.

A Five Year Plan with specific and measurable goals.

WHAT IS FG 2000 [Final Goal]: FG 2000 is a vision of planting 2000 Churches and sending out 100 dedicated natives missionaries in every district of un-reached, forgotten villages in Andhra Pradesh, South India.Andhra Every missionary will have a structure of 20 villages map to carry out a 5 year programe to cover 2000 un-reached villages. Our missionaries who keep moving from village to village teaching, preaching and nourishing the new babes in Christ in all these villages are held responsible to fulfill this project. The plan includes intensive training for all these missionaries with a heavy emphasis on persoanl; evangelization and soul winning and plant Churches.

1 Missionary in 5 years can reach 20 villages and plant 20 Churches. 1 X 20 = 20
100 Missionaries in 5 years can reach 2000 villages and plant 2000 Churches. 100 X 20 = 2,000.
Our Responsibilities
Accountability to God and to our supporters is the top priority and informing the activities and developments of the ministry every month.
Prayer Request
    200 Faith partners needed to support FG 2000.
    A heavy duty diesel van to carry staff and equipment.
    Head Quarters for Bible College Building .
    Church Building.
I believe God has great things in store for you as He allows us to serve perishing people and the people you care about in India (1 Cor 15: 56, Philip 2: 16)

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It's Our Vision to train Qualified Leaders to train others for the World Evangelisation.
Together we can make a differences, Give every person in India One Fair Chance to respond for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is our Goal". Rev. 1.9
Would you help make this prayer a reality, as we thrust forward to reach the unreached millions of dying Souls.

We need your Partnership...
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